Why people watch tv

Published: 03rd September 2009
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Most people have at least one tv at their home. If you don't have a tv, you can watch it with your friend, neighbor or someone who has it. At least you know what tv is, you like it and you watch when you can or want.

People watch tv out of curiousity, they want to find something interesting and exciting to entertain them or to learn something. People are curious about everything and tv can help you to learn about the world and new things in life. Watching tv can be good or bad depends on what programs you are watching.

Should you watch tv? If you like it, why not? If it doesn't hurt you, doesn't distract from important things in your life then there is nothing wrong to watch tv. Most people need entertainment or they get bored if they do the same thing over and over. So, tv gives a lot of new information, a lot of entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

Watching tv can exciting that's why people watch it. If you don't want to watch, then don't. There is nothing wrong with not watching tv ether. Maybe you like computers, outdoors, activities with your friends, it's alright too. Don't stress too much if you are different and you don't want to watch tv at all. As long as you are happy, you know what you want in life, that should matter.

If you know how to have fun without tv, it's even better. You don't have to be happy to rely on television only. You can do other things in life, have more spare time and be less stressed out. People have so much information in their lives today that it becomes more difficult to find time for everything.

People watch tv because they want to find out someone's opinion, or want to learn about nature or politics. News are very interesting to many people. If you like to watch news, you will find out something every time you watch it. The only problem could be to decide what you really want to watch and how you want to spend your spare time. Your time is the most important for you. You will more likely do what feels good to you. You will look for good things in your life that make you happy, put a smile on your face and make you feel better.
So, some of the main reasons why people watch tv is desire to feel good and be entertained, curiousity about the world and other people. Sometimes people watch tv because they have nothing else to do and tv catches their attention. Whatever your reason is, know what is important to you and enjoy life as much as can. You don't have to watch it but you definitely can.

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