Two types of men winners and losers

Published: 16th July 2009
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Why some men attract women while others don't? Why some men feel great attracting women while others whine about how they don't have any success with any women? Do women like certain men or do certain men don't have luck with those women?

Let me help you to figure it out. Two types of men, first are winners, the second are losers when it comes to catch women.

First of all, people remember certain experiences better and focus on them while forget other experiences. For example, a man goes out with women and remembers only those women who smiled to him. Even when he was rejected he remembered only positive that he could remember. What if there is no positive to remember? Even negative experience these men turn into a positive experience. He decides in his mind that if a woman rejected him or didn't pay attention to him, it is probably because she liked him.

Men who have successful relationships with women more likely turn even negative experience into positive. Next time when you feel down and depressed, remember that you can turn even the most negative experience into positive. Maybe it's good a woman didn't like, so you can meet better women in the future. It's o'kay not to be liked by everyone.

Try to forget about your failures and remember only positive experience you can remember. Men who don't have luck with women more likely to remember only failures even in their best experiences. Even if a man was lucky with many women but failed with one, most of the time he will remember his failure and forget about his success.

Don't be hard on yourself. It's o'kay to fail sometimes, no one can be perfect. But reward yourself when you really do have success and positive experiences with women.

Many people misinterpret the reality in some ways. How you distort your reality is what you beleive in. Even after a bad date a successful man will be proud of himself and feel lucky he had a great experience, while another guy will make situation worse than it was.

Sometimes you have to be careful to read woman's body language and only then proceed or make a big move. Unsuccessful men often misinterpret the signs and then get surprised when they get turned down.

Men who are successful, they try harder, they have a lot of experience because they beleive they enjoy what they do. Men who aren't successful with women more likely aren't trying too hard because they beleive they don't like their experience.

If you don't have any luck with women, you need to realize you are what you beleive in. The more positive you are about yourself the happier you will be.

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