How to not fail in life and relationships

Published: 15th June 2009
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If you are going through life, trying your best to achieve your dreams and your goals in life, but then one day you maybe wonder what if you fail and won't achieve anything. If you have goals to have successful life and successful relationships, it can be stressful to hold yourself in line and measure if you are doing good at all. How to not to fail in life and relationships?

The easiest way not to fail in life and relationships is to never try too hard, then you won't have anything to fail. Are you going to follow such advice? I hope not. You want to have dreams and goals. It's very important for our own well being to have goals for the day, week or month. Accept the truth that you will fail to some degree because it hard to achieve any perfection. Be honest with yourself, but not too critical. Give yourself a credit for what you are doing good and don't overcritical yourself. If you don't know how to assess your own efforts and success, ask your friends and relatives. The goal in life is to be happy. It's o'kay to criticize yourself a little bit, so you won't make a mistake next time.

Try to be optimistic and feel good what you are doing right. Be around people who want to help you and give you a great advice. Listen to honest people and don't take everything too personally. You have one life and only you decide how it's going be. You need to experience certain paths in life whether they are good or bad from someone's point of view. You view your life in your own way and only you decide what is good or bad for you. Sometimes if something bad happens in your life it can lead to something better. Beleive that anything that happens is good for you. This way you won't see your life and relationships as failure.

If you are in a relationship it can be harder for you because you depend on what other person decides too. You can't judge yourself whether the other person is nice to you or not. All you can do is do your best that you can assess your own performance. As long as you know that you did your best and you don't have any regrets of your performance, you should feel good.

Have faith in your abilities and do your best. Your faith will carry you through doubts of life, uncertainties and you will become a winner. Follow your heart and your dreams and you can achieve a lot and surprise even yourself. Help people, take care of yourself, stay positive, try to be happy and you believe that you can achieve what you really want to achieve.

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