How to build trust in your relationship

Published: 28th May 2009
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Do you want more trust in your relationship? Some people think having too much trust is a good thing while others think you should spice things up and be unpredictable. What is good for you? Do you want to have trust in your relationship?

Having a trust in a relationship is good think. It can make your relationship more fulfilling and better.

First of all you need start to be honest with yourself and your partner. You need to be honest what you want and what you feel at the moment. Tell how it is.
Trust your feelings. Tell your partner how you feel and his trust toward you will grow. If you always say what you mean and mean what you say can be very important to your partner. This is a number one step to grow your trust in your relationship.

Learn to trust your partner. Believe in your partner, trust him/or her because this is a foundations of your relationship. You need his/her support in building relationship based on trust. If you don't trust your partner, if you don't have faith in him to support your relationship, then it would a lot harder to achieve mutual trusting relationship. Give him a chance learn to trust but be realistic don't expect unreal capabilities from him/or her.

Be honest with each other. Share most of your secrets. Tell your partner everything important he/she needs to know. Many relationships break if the secrets come out, so be honest and smart about what you tell. Having less secrets and less surprises in your life will improve your trusting relationship in a big way.

Don't be affraid to tell your partner what you want from him or her. Tell about your needs and what you want. It takes a lot of courage to be comfortable and open about telling your needs to your partner but it is the best thing you can do for your relationship.
If you begin to assert yourself in this manner your partner will then become more comfortable in communicating their needs to you and the end result is more trust in the relationship.

Don't always agree and have courage to say no sometimes. Your partner needs to know his or her boundaries and he/she should respect it. Tell how you feel and make sure if you disagree with something, you just want to express your opinion, without offending anyone. You partner should respect the difference of opinions and only if it's really something important you both should have the same view and agreement on most important values for both of you.

You will also experience heartbreak and pain during your relationship and how you deal with it will grow your trust for each other even more. It can make your relationship very deep.

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